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A Supernatural Meal

Watched a lot of television over the course of my many, many 
years. There is nothing out there (past, present and I'm willing 
to bet, future) that even comes close to this show, 'Supernatural'.

‘Supernatural’ has opened my eyes to the wonders of what 
television can really be when everyone works together to 
create something wonderful. And it most definitely leaves me 
full of wonder. There 
have been many times while watching that I've had to stop, 
put the show on pause and take a breath. Incredible. The 
interaction of the two brothers with their love-hate relationship. 
Their total commitment to one another in life-and-death situations. 
And their unconditional love for one another leaves me wondering 
how on earth a single show could have such an impact on my heart 
and soul. It truly does leave me breathless. Sam and Dean have 
almost made as much an impression on my psyche as my own 
kids have.

Many times I've pondered why this is so. In all honesty, it kinda 
drives me a bit crazy. Still haven't come up with a definitive 
answer. I'll just say this. 'Supernatural' has heart. Despite 
everything those boys go through (and they've been through a 
helluva lot) in the end, they will never give up on one another. 
Have to give credit to the writers and directors for doing their 
part in making this show what it is. BUT Jensen Ackles and 
Jared Padalecki breathe life into the 'Dean' and 'Sam' 
characters. So much so that you get drawn in with them every 
minute they're on the screen. My son said it best when he 
offered his two cents worth about the appeal of 'Supernatural' - 
'Sam and Dean interact with one another as true brothers 
should. Holding nothing back even if it lays bare the wounds 
they've suffered in their lives, spiritual and mental wounds 
they've inflicted on themselves and the physical wounds they've 
had to suffer because of their commitment, not only to one 
another but to others who, through no fault of their own, need 
help and sometimes even rescue.' Okay, I'm paraphrasing here 
but you get the picture.

Now if that's all there was to the show, it would still take 
precedence over 99.9% of the stuff that's out there. But that's 
only the beginning. And that's why I have to say that this show 
has been truly inspired. 

It's Eric Kripke's baby. And he has put HIS heart and soul into 
this project. You can tell. And he has an impressive number to 
people right there with him who love the show as much as he 
does. There's a particular writer of a number of episodes that 
stands out. (Not counting Eric himself who's written a few 
mind-boggling scripts himself.) That name is Sera Gamble. She 
loves those boys, Sam & Dean, as much as us crazed fans do. 
That's evident. She also likes to see them get bloody. My kind 
of girl. And then there's the directors. Robert Singer and Kim 
Manners come immediately to mind. The camera loves Jensen 
and Jared. And those two directors know how to set up the 
shots that give an intimate window into the souls of Dean and 
Sam. The fact is, there are so many wonderful people (cast 
and crew) that I cannot possible give credit where credit is 
due. Suffice it to say that this creation has made me a believer 
in what is possible when a project such as this is forged in love.

So, as I see it, Jensen and Jared as Dean and Sam are the meat 
and potatoes of this sumptious meal. For the desert we get...
evil creatures, bad guys, innocent (and not-so innocent) victims 
that Sam and Dean are always ready, willing and able to help - 
both guns blazing, and demons - lots and lots of demons. Demons 
that are not only after Sam and Dean's bodies but their souls as 
well. Makes for very compelling watching. And I, for one, have 
pulled myself up to the table, knife and fork at the ready.

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