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Supernatural’s Patron Saint

Been pondering this awhile. And while watching ‘Houses of the Holy’ for maybe 
the fifth time, I came to the realization that Supernatural needs a patron saint.


Churches have patron saints. Cities and towns do as well, Think SanFrancisco 
St. Louis. Corpus Christi
is another one. There are hundreds in the 
alone,  Even whole countries have been dedicated to the care 
of one saint or another.
is a perfect example. Her patroness is Our 
Lady of Guadalupe.


So why not a television show? Especially one that is as worthy of patronage 
as Supernatural is. I’ll be the first to admit that Supernatural could use some 
divine assistance to keep it on the air to continue to reach more and more 
people. I have faith that given just a little more time it will be given a chance 
(love how Dean always uses that word with his good ol’ Texas drawl) to 
reach the hearts and minds of those who are searching for that special gift 
that was given to me.
Supernatural has oft-times sent my heart soaring to 
the heights of ecstatic
realization and to the depths of profound sadness. 
How can a show do that? 

Only one that is singularly astounding. 
Supernatural most definitely qualifies.


‘Houses of the Holy’ explores both Sam & Dean’s faith (or lack thereof) 
and finds
them both struggling with the harshness of their vocation and 
trying to deal with
all the evil that surrounds them. Sam finally admits to 
Dean that he prays every
day and Dean seems a bit stunned at Sam’s 
declaration. “Man, you think you
know a guy" He has faith that there is a 
higher power to maybe help him and his brother survive this life-and-death 
conflict they are immersed in. It’s what gives him strength. Dean, on the 
other hand, is contemptuous of any notion
that there is anyone beyond 
what he can see, touch and/or kill. Can’t really blame him, I guess. As he 
says – his mom had faith. He remembers her putting 
him to bed at night 
and telling him that angels were watching over him. Then Evil
took her 
from him. Can’t fault him for being angry at the thought that if there is a 
higher power it did nothing to save his mom.


But then the tables turned and a strange trail of events sent Sam to the 
brink of
despair while giving Dean an opportunity to rethink his former 
mindset and reconsider the notion of divine intervention. Life does that 
to you sometimes.


This is where Supernatural’s patron saint comes in. This particular saint 
even discussed in ‘Houses of the Holy’ when Sam and Dean are 
talking with 
Father in the neighborhood where murders had been 
committed. Dean slyly 
quizzes Father about the existence of angels 
expecting a negative answer but
Father says that he certainly does 
believe. “Kinda comes with the job description”. 
Then Sam notices a 
picture on the wall of the church and correctly identifies 
the subject 
as Michael the
. There is our patron saint. Michael does 
against evil, against demons. He has been given the power to send 
evil spirits down into Hell. 

Would that Sam and Dean had that special protection from all the 
that are hot on their trail. Would that a show as special as 
‘Supernatural’ be dedicated to the special protection that Michael 
can bequeath. 

Just a thought.

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