March 6th, 2008

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Supernatural Friends

Supernatural Friendship
Okay, so I don’t hold to fairy tales that much, although when I was a 
kid I did go through a phase when I believed in the
Boogyman, but 
that’s another story - maybe to be told at a
later time. I just have to 
say that this fairy tale has come
true for me. It’s the one where two 
young men who had never met before finally do meet in the oddest 
of circumstances.
They are both vying for the same role on a 
television series.

And they DECIDE that, in order to give their respective roles 
justice, they are going to become friends, mainly because they 
know what it’s like to work on a series where the atmosphere
is less than cordial. And because of that conscious effort on both 
their parts to make this friendship work, we get to revel
in the 
perfect chemistry that is Sam & Dean Winchester personified by 
Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. You know how, when you 
see things unfold, that some things were just meant to be? I really, 
really do believe that this friendship is
one of those things. To me, 
it shows a beautiful sense of
maturity and compassion from them. 
And when I hear
stories about their commitment to make those 
of Sam and Dean really mean something, you know there’s 
something very special going on. I believe in a lot of things
coincidences aren’t one of them (to quote a Bobby-ism).
closeness shared by Jensen and Jared hasn’t gone
by ‘Supernatural’ fandom, either. Maybe that’s 
why so much fanfic 
has been devoted to their ‘relationship’,
as the characters, Sam & 
Dean. Some very excellent, some
not so much. It’s practically an 
industry in itself. To garner
that kind of intense scrutiny shows that 
there’s a lot more
to their friendship than meets the eye. Not in 
some perverted way as some would wish, but a no-holds-barred 
friendship that transcends the mundane and propels them into an 
area built
on an incredible trust.
Trust that ensures that whatever transpires on the series Jensen 
and Jared only want the best for one another and
from one another. 
And they go about this by making sure
that they don’t slack off or 
give a ‘called-in’ performance.
They have each other’s back both 
on and off-screen. The way
true brothers would. How rare a 
commodity that is!
What inspired this train of though was just another little post on 
a message board that I read today. It’s not so much
what it said 
but had a huge impact at its root. And this may
sound silly to y’all 
but it spoke volumes to me. All it said was
that Jensen and Jared 
got a bit tipsy celebrating Jensen’s
birthday and that Jensen 
ending up sleeping on Jared’s
couch that night. That’s all…. But 
it told me that Jensen
and Jared are friends for the long haul. 
That, despite the
whole world demanding their bodies and souls, 
they could
find a safe haven in one another’s company. In their 
when that friendship was forged out of necessity it has 
since developed beyond all expectations. And it shows me that 
this enduring (and endearing) support for one another 
has its 
roots in the way they were both raised. That’s right....
I believe Jensen and Jared are very humble and
guys that know the importance of family and
friends and don’t 
take those things lightly. It’s a part of
them. It’s in their hearts and 
souls. And it makes my heart
sing to see how much they’ve grown. 
They’re both in solid 
relationships with beautiful girls that love 
and understand

They are lovable guys. I’m like a proud mom ecstatic that these 
two ‘brothers’ have made it through good and bad times none the 
worse for wear. How often does that happen? It’s so rare that I’m 
willing to believe that the affection they  share will overcome any 
obstacles that may endanger this most awesome example of 
brotherly love.  Hey, in my mind’s eye, I can even see a double 
wedding in their future.
A mom can dream, can’t she?