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Supernatural Protection


I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short when I’m inspired

to write a bit about our ‘boys’. And this has probably be addressed

a thousand time but I just gotta put my two cents worth in.


It really hit home just how much of an emotional commitment I’d 
made to this magnificent show we all know and love when I heard 
about the end to the writer’s strike and the promise of a season 
four and a flood-gate of relief and tears washed over me. I was a 
wreck but the feeling was so delicious that I must relish the moment. 
To say that all the events concerning ‘Supernatural’ have been a 
roller-coaster ride is an enormous understatement. Again, I have 
to wonder where all of these emotions originate and I’ve come to 
the conclusion (after deep contemplation and desperate 
self-examination) that…… I got nothin’. Suffice it to say that it’s 
an odd blend of Love and Love. Love of my family and love of the 
show and the two brothers that are its’ staple. Both these aspects
are so intertwined in my psyche that I could not unravel the two if I 
tried. And I don’t really want to. ‘Supernatural’ has added a paradigm 
shift and whole new dimension in my thoughts that I never thought 
possible. I’ve just decided to ride the rapids and go where it takes 
me. No more angst. No more confusion. I’ve emancipated myself. 
I have relinquished my tenuous hold on reality in this instance. And 
I do not regret it. I am officially a ‘Supernatural’ Asylum Inmate.



I want to impart for others, and myself as well, some thoughts that 
have been nibbling at the corners of my mind for some time and 
every once in a while I see references to it here and there. And that 
is - Dean’s ability to evade many of the traps and pitfalls that Sam’s 
so often seems to get mired in.  In my mind, Dean’s been set apart 
and been given special protection in this battle between good and 
evil. From the beginning, even though they were trained in the same 
way by their Dad, Dean and Sam seem to be following separate 
paths. Ultimately, they have the same goal they’re striving for. And, 
on occasion, Sam has had a few flashes of brilliance. On ‘A Very 
Supernatural Christmas’ those wreaths in the homes of the victims 
come to mind. Those insights of Sam’s may have sped their 
investigation a bit quicker but knowing their ‘business as usual’ 
tactics, they would have accomplished their goal without that bit 
of information. Sam is more ‘research savvy’ and can dig up info 
that will speed up their plans to finesse a positive goal.  

But, once armed with that information, Dean is able to look at the 
big picture and glean terribly important strategies on how to deal 
with each situation at hand. Call it instinct. He seems to have it 
in abundance. But I believe it goes much deeper that that. His 
instincts were dead-on in ‘Croatoan’. He really should have shot 
that SOB in the doctor’s office in spite of Sam’s pleading with him 
to spare the guy. In ‘Houses of the Holy’ he KNEW that the entity 
they were dealing with was a Spirit and he was right. In ‘Hell House’ 
his strategy for the ultimate end of Mordechai was just to torch the 
house. Simple but effective. In ‘Devils Trap’ the YED nearly killed 
Dean. And sure, Dean had killed YED’s kids which was motivation 
enough to explain the demon’s actions but DEAN KILLED YED’S 
KIDS. That’s an amazing accomplishment! Dean is definitely a 
force to be reckoned with. And All Things Evil know that. 
He’s one scary guy. And very dangerous.



I know that Mr. Kripke meant the main focus of this series to be 
Sam but thank goodness, Dean has been placed beautifully in the 
general scheme of things. Actually, to my mind, Dean out-shadows 
Sam in nearly everything he does. Maybe it’s because he’s the big 
brother and I just gravitate to him as the eldest. ( I’m the eldest of 
seven, myself.) Or maybe it’s just my nature to root for the 
under-dog. Of the two brothers, Dean certainly has gotten the 
most bloody.


But, my belief is that Dean has been given some special 
protection from the time he was very small. A lot of clues here 
lead up to that conclusion. And maybe none of them mean 
diddly-squat but I gotta believe that if they were in the show, 
there was a reason. Words mean things.

First, Dean's mom told him that Angels were watching over him. 
Dean informed Sam of that in ‘Houses of the Holy’ and we heard 
Mary speak those very words in WIAWSNB. Since she apparently 
knew the YED, that statement holds a very important message.

Second, that talisman that Sam gave him (even though it was 
originally meant for John) could be another way in which Dean 
is afforded a special place in the battle between good and evil. 
Since he wears it in every single episode, I still must draw the 
conclusion that it’s significant.  

And third, Dean does seem to be immune to alot of the crap 
that those brothers have to sift through. After all. he is Batman.

I realize I’m being very selective in my examples and there are 
certainly exceptions. Think ‘What Is and What Should Never Be’. 
But even in that instance, it was Dean alone who ‘dug himself out’, 
as Sam says, and figured out what the Djinn’s real powers were. 
Dean is a beacon that penetrates the darkness and shines the 
light of truth on the brother’s forays against the dark forces. 
Ultimately, in the grand scheme of things I trust that not only will 
Dean NOT go to Hell, I really do believe that he has been given a 
special power by something even more forceful that those Demons. 
I don't think he knows it yet. But it's going to become clearer to him 
(and us) as time runs short for both him and Sam. At least, I sure 
as Hell hope so.

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