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Supernatural Shakes

Oh, my! ‘Supernatural’ is back. The first of the last four episodes 
of season 3. Sam and Dean are a sight for sore eyes. I just wish…
I just
wish that their few minutes on the screen last night hadn’t 
been the equivalent of  taking a trip with them on the high seas – 
in the dead of night – with no compass or lanterns or even the 
night sky to guide our way. It was not a pleasant experience.


I’ve never been a fan of jostling, hand-held camera work. It 
makes me
queasy. I realize that this sort of episode might’ve 
given the cast and
crew a bit of a break in their daunting 
schedule. And I can see where GhostFacers may have given 
our boys a bit of ‘free rein’ in how they dealt with their 
characters. BUT, this episode called GhostFacers was

like a well-intentioned experiment gone horribly wrong. 
From this
day forward I shall never speak ill of ‘Bugs’ or 
‘Route 666’ again.
They are stellar. They had Sam and Dean, 
full of angst and anger.
Giving us their all. Giving us THEM. 
And that’s all I’ve ever wanted
(or needed). 
GhostFacers?  – not so much….


I guess I write this from the perspective  of an obsessive fan 
that has gotten spoiled rotten from the amazing story-telling 
we’ve come to
know and love. And from the amazing 
performances that Jensen &
Jared give us each week. 
GhostFacers left me bereft of any connection
to either of 
those qualities. I was expecting a full, 6 course meal and

was served dillweed. (Not to denigrate dillweed. It has its’ 
place –
I love Kosher Dills)


So, when it comes right down to it, all I’m saying is – No 
experiments, no more messing with a formula that has 
been proven
tried-and-true. The brothers deserve better. 
And so do we.   

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