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Supernatural Realm
A Homage to the Brothers that have turned 'Family' into an Everlasting Covenant
You Know - I Get It 
4th-Nov-2007 03:05 pm
Supernatural, SamDean
 Why this show is THE ONE. Why Sam and Dean have struck such a chord in 
my heart. Those two brothers have made their lives a testament to commitment. 
A commitment to family - a commitment specifically to one another - 
enduring obstacles that would cripple or destroy anyone else. But together, 
they keep one another strong. More powerful because love overcomes 
all obstacles. Makes impossible odds winnable. They KNOW  that  one 
can ALWAYS depend on the other. Nothing is more empowering than that. 
Their fight - together- is a fight on the side of the angels. And for them - 
together - right makes might. There is nothing in their way that can cause 
them to falter when they are each other's protector.
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